Moving Image Limited has published four books as enumerate below:
1. The World of Food (1992) by Binta Gambo. It is a collection of tried, tested and adopted recipes from around the globe collected by the author as a member of an international women’s group known as ‘Woman to Woman’ in the United States of America.
2. Cultures, Religions and Tourism (2007) edited by Abdulkareem Mohammed contains proceedings of NIHOTOUR National sensitization workshops on Grass root awareness on tourism in Nigeria.
3. The Paradox of Boko Haram (2010) is authored by Abdulkareem Mohammed. It is an assessment and commentary on Nigeria’s insurgency crisis of Boko Haram at its infancy.
4. ‘Great and Curious Things about Sir Ahmadu Bello’ (2016) is by Abdulkareem Mohammed. It is a compilation of interview series conducted from 1995 to 2004. Through the information gathered, the reader is reminded about the life and times of Sir Ahmadu Bello, through the vintage position of those who knew him, fifty years after his death (1966 – 2016).