Globalization broadly refers to an increase in the impact on human activities of forces that span national boundaries. Aborishade (2002) believes that “globalization is Western imperialism” that “seeks to impose its hegemony on other subjugated and exploited nations’ threat of economic, political or military coercion.” Similarly, Shira (2004) believes that “globalization is the imposition of a particular culture on all others” – as the phenomena tend to homogenize and standardize, thereby affecting linguistic and cultural diversity. These standpoints suggest that African languages require a platform where they can stand up against foreign dominance or incursions that may be detrimental to their own existence. And, because language sums up the whole cultural horizon, we must work towards promoting African languages.

Indeed, raising of the social and political profile of African or any language for that matter, comes only when the language community raises the linguistic prosperity of the language; as well as, increasing its legitimate power in the scheme of globalization. Hence, there is the need, more than ever before, to promote African languages while proactively saving the disappearing ones “whose living uniqueness we had hoped instead to celebrate,” by intervening and getting revitalizing and promoting efforts work. Therefore, language promotion, maintenance and sustenance are laudable and noble goals that deserves your support.


Moving Image Limited is hereby introducing the first edition of the Kano Indigenous Languages of Africa Film Market & Festival (KILAF). The ancient city of Kano has a history of over a thousand years behind it. It was a trading hub during the Sub-Saharan slave trade between the North and West Africa. And in 2009, with Nigeria’s Nollywood brand earning the third position in terms of the number of video movies produced in the world, Kano is known to have hugely contributed in producing the movies that qualified the nation. Hence, Kano is ripe enough to host KILAF. The city is currently the hub of production, marketing and distribution/marketing of Hausa language films. Indeed, Kano is the hub of Hausa language film industry, nicknamed Kannywood, that produces about 35% of the over 2,000 movie titles being annually produced in Nigeria. There are industry operators that are vibrant and yearning to explore new frontiers to upscale their practices.

KILAF is a festival to promote films produced in indigenous languages of Africa while encouraging their cross border sales especially amongst continental markets, and beyond. And language being a vehicle of culture, will ride on the film medium platform to preserve, promote and sell African culture to the rest of the world. After all, in the globalized world of today ‘there is platform for every voice, content or shade of opinion.’

KILAF aims to create the appropriate and conducive platform to showcase African languages’ made video movies from within the continent and in diaspora; celebrate and reward the excellence therein; and create market for cross-cultural exchanges on and about African creative enterprises within the film making value chain. Thus, KILAFMF spirit will hopefully ignite African spirit and enterprise to melt into the brewing pot of globalization as a strong and formidable player. The wisdom therein, is to inspire and nurture African video movie practitioners to live up to the challenges of representing the continent in their respective endeavors. After all, with African Union (AU) slogan of “Africa rising,” no one can tell your story better than you.’


Moving Image Limited is a communications outfit that offers services in Radio, Television & Film productions. It is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and was given the registration number RC 447474 on 4th April, 2002. Since then, the company has offered media services to state, federal agencies like Kano State Government and the Federal Ministry of Finance respectively; international agencies such as USAID (JHU/PCS, USAID Markets), DFID (SLGP, BIF) ECOWAS and the European Union (Sokoto Environmental Protection Program).


Moving Image Limited has a veteran media personality as its Managing Director/CEO, Abdulkareem Mohammed, who graduated with BSc Communications (Radio-TV-Film) from Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA. He holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications from Bayero University, Kano – Nigeria. He has been in media practice since 1979 when he completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). He has been to several film events like the FESPACO in Burkina Faso, FEPACI meeting in South Africa, Nollywood Road Show in London, Los Angeles International Film Festival and the Bangkok International Film Festival in Thailand. Equally, Abdulkareem has earned many prestigious recognitions and awards including being an inductee of the Movie Hall of Fame in Lagos. Also, he was recently awarded with the 2017 Movie Rock of Fame Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Nigerian Film Society under the auspices of the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) during the Nigeria’s premier Zuma Film Festival.


To inspire, celebrate and promote African content through indigenous languages to enhance “togetherness in diversity.”


By 2025, the impact of KILFMF will be felt across the African continent; and beyond, via Afrocentric media content.


KILAF primarily sets out to create an atmosphere of constructive and profitable engagements amongst key players in the academia, broadcasting, filmmaking, film marketing, exhibition and distribution with the sole aim of advancing the African art of storytelling. Do you feel you should join us in this premier edition of KILAF? Submit on www.kilaf.org.ng/